Desperate times require desperate measures. At least that’s what Mariantha “Monty” Anastos thinks. On the brink of starting her doctoral program and the crazy schedule it will bring, supporting herself is going to be a challenge. So she thinks outside the box and comes up with a rather off-beat plan.

Before she can commit to her half-crazy idea, she needs help and there’s only one man she trusts enough to bare her soul to. Trouble is, he’s the one man who rejected her three years earlier.

Popular university professor Liam Gallagher’s days are filled with eager students and full classes, but the nights? Those are a different story. Those are reserved for a student who captured his imagination and his lust. A smart, sexy young woman he couldn’t get out of his mind.

One that tested every professional boundary he had.

But the morning she stepped back into his life––the rules no longer applied

This novella contains mature content.