Grad student and self-styled “fixer of men” Emmy Ryan finds herself at crossroads.  A recent breakup with a man she wanted to “help” more than love has her second-guessing becoming a psychologist. But in the meantime, she has to find work and impulsively applies for a position on a multi-million dollar luxury yacht in the Caribbean.  Little does she know, it will put her on a collision course with destiny.

As CEO of Maragos Industries, Stavros Maragos has let work consume him, the grueling pace he maintains leaves little to no downtime, and he prefers it that way. No time to think.  No time for the pain of losing both his parents––and now his only brother––to claw its way back into his heart. But when a new business venture begins, he finds himself face-to-face with a woman that ignites a fire in him that blazes so hot, his soul can’t breathe without her.  

The chemistry between them is explosive…but will their passion be enough to keep them together?

Mature content.




Sassy, outspoken chef Sophie James prides herself on dazzling people’s taste buds with exotic gourmet meals, but her past relationships have fallen as flat as a ruined souffle. Taking a break from all things men, she’s perfectly happy with her current single status. That is, until she meets the newest passenger on the luxury yacht she works on.

Kellen Leary has always appreciated beautiful women, but when he joins family friends on a cruise in the Caribbean, he meets a green-eyed chef with a lusty approach to life that ignites a hunger in him that has nothing to do with food. Her fiery spirit both captivates and challenges him like no other.  

Scorching hot sex served with a side dish of jealousy and slice of hope find two passionate lovers crisscrossing the Atlantic. Two different worlds, two different lifestyles, but Kellen wants more than Sophie’s willing to risk. Until she finds out the lengths he’ll go to keep her.

Mature content.




MBA from Yale? Check. Corporate position? Check. Man in her life? Not likely. Witnessing the tumult of her father’s two failed marriages has Nikki Cameron choosing her career over relationships. The occasional no-strings hook-up was all she needed from a man, thank you very much. Until she meets Julian Sayles, that is. And to top things off, as first mate on another luxury yacht, he’s her competition on the charter circuit.

Despite being the quintessential ladies’ man, Julian has a past he’s taken great lengths to hide, and keeping that buried means not letting anyone too close. Until a certain beautiful, headstrong businesswoman jeopardizes everything. Then, his only choice is bare his soul or risk losing her.

Deceit, manipulation, and hidden agendas take them from St. Thomas to the lush tropics of Belize where the only thing hotter than the temperature is the sex.  They can’t re-write their pasts, but dare they gamble on the future?

Mature content. 



Young, widowed, and wealthy, Stephany Maragos can’t imagine living her life without purpose, so she packs up her three-year-old daughter and moves to the Caribbean to start a new life. With the help of her brother-in-law, she starts a luxury yacht charter business catering to the rich and famous. But it’s her captain that steers his way into her life and her heart, kindling feelings she wasn’t prepared to have.

Captain Spencer Murphy knows a thing or two about loss. Following the untimely death of his wife, he deliberately immerses himself in work, content to keep Evander one of the premiere yachts in the tropics. Until a new boss changes the status quo. Competent, yet with a hint of vulnerability that brings out his protective side, Stephany Maragos captures more than just his dedication to work.

But it’s no longer smooth sailing when a proposed merger with another charter yacht and its larger-than-life owner comes along and threatens to bring more than just business their way. Spencer realizes he knows no boundaries when it comes to the woman who has captivated his heart.

She’s rich, beautiful, and out of his league. At least that’s what he thought. Until one night…

Mature content.